CSE Face to Face and Online Training of Deputy Head Teachers and Teachers

Published on 28/06/2021
Eswatini, Manzini

Following the pilot of the Connect with Respect (CwR) program, an observation was made that some guidance and counselling teachers lacked the capacity and understanding of CSE/LSE, hence the need to build capacity around issues of CSE in order to equip them with accurate information and thereby dispel myths and misconceptions around the subject. At the same meeting it was recommended that Deputy Head Teachers (DHTs) should be capacitated as well, so that they can support the teaching of CSE in Secondary Schools. It was necessary because DHTs are the ones responsible for supervising teaching and learning in schools.

Due to technical glitches the some DHTs were unable to do the CSE online course hence a combination of face to face and online trainings were used. Teachers were afforded the opportunity to reflect on their personal values and attitudes that may influence the delivery of CSE in the classroom. This was attained through deliberating on issues pertaining to adolescents, social and cultural norms and school and societal environments. The CSE online course equipped teachers with scientifically accurate information which was essential to dispel myths and misconceptions. The trained DHTs were very thankful for the training and attested to the fact that the training had totally transformed their perception of CSE and its effects on young people. They promised to ensure that teachers in their schools teach quality CSE.

The teachers  acknowledged that the training had not only enabled them to acquire skills to effectively teach CSE in school but it also empowered them on a personal level i.e. implement the knowledge and skills that they had acquired even at home in their families and thereby relating with their children in a better way. They noted that they have not been actively involved in discussing sexuality with their children because they did not know how to, however the training had equipped them with the necessary skills to do so.