Training of Pre Service and Teacher Educators on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Published on 21/06/2021

As teacher educators play an important role in moulding pre service teachers who will in turn deliver CSE in the classroom, it is important to build their capacity in preparation for their respective critical roles. Zimbabwe is thus making preparations for an Online Training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, with participants selected from the country’s teacher education colleges and universities that have teacher education programmes. UNESCO staff will be available to provide orientation, and technical backstopping throughout the duration of the course.

The training course seeks to ensure effective implementation of the Guidance and Counselling and Life Skills Education curriculum at primary and secondary education level, through equipping both teacher educators and pre service teachers with skills to deliver CSE. The expected outcomes are;

  • participants demonstrate comfort with, commitment to, and self-efficacy in teaching CSE
  • participants have accurate and current knowledge of the biological, emotional, social, and legal aspects of human sexuality.
  • participants have the right competencies to use a variety of effective strategies to teach CSE

The training is targeting 130 participants and will commence on the 1st of July and run for a maximum period of a month. Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive an electronic certificate on the course.